Conversation Between devilfluff and Sinister

Conversation Between devilfluff and Sinister

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  1. Maybe you just don't like it... 'sok. I wouldn't hold it against you.
  2. It took me 3 hours to drink... and I didn't feel like it improved.

    Maybe if I would've drank it out of a goblet, or a barley wine glass it could've improved the taste.
  3. I agree. I try not to drink "big" beers while they are really cold. Did it improve as you drank?
  4. I had it out of a fridge, maybe if I would've let it warm up... then the hops would've come out a bit more.

    Beers really should come with serving recommendations, like wine does.
  5. It is definitely sweet, but it has to be to try and balance the hops. You're the first person I've ever call it light on that end...

    Sorry you didn't enjoy it.
  6. I was 110% disappointed in the 120 Minute IPA. I love IPAs and Dogfish Head has some great beers, but the 120 was one of the sweetest, least hoppy IPAs I've had
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