Chibi WRX's Album: SilverD 05 WRX wagon

SilverD 05 WRX wagon

Pics of my baby SilverD aka Silver Demon.
Mods list include
SPT intake/heatshield/Catback exhaust
Blue SPT decals
STI 04-05 large hood scoop
Impreza blue i emblem
Tint 35%/15%
Tint blue fog-light covers
Lightwerkz custom headlights
Lightwerzk heavy HID wire harness
5000k Lightwerkz HID bulbs
35W Digital HID ballast system
2006 Impreza wagon Tail-lights
Kenwood ipod Stereo
Ravelco anti-theft device
Blue dome light
Blue front grill lights
white/blue Led tag lights
16x7 Sparco Assetto Gara Blue Painted

WRX was bought bone stock brand new back in 2006.
  1. Awesome pic of my custom Lightwerkz headlights.  
Low-beams are 5K HIDs 
Also there is a CCFL angel eye ring in the highbeam. 
Housing is painted...
  2. One of my favorite pics of my dog Shadow. 
This pic was taken before I took Shadow for a nice long walk in the park.
  3. Nice pic of my WRX wagon's back. 
I love my Cat-back exhaust and 06 taillights.
  4. SilverD and I chilling on a nice sunny day. 
My Sis had the idea for this pic.  
Came out pretty nice.
  5. Gotta love blue leds!
  6. The Snow of 2010 I thought I'd never see the car again.
  7. SilverD and me. Very nice indeed. 
I know I need bigger rims.
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