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  1. I would do the 22mm front w/22mm adj rear at least. My personal choice would be a 22mm adj or fixed front/24mm adj rear. Also, shop around. Hotkins, Cobb, Whiteline, and Epic also make good sways. I would definitely get some Kartboy endlinks, epecially for the rear b/c the stock rear endlinks are plastic crap.

    Check these out:

    I would call TIC (ask for Tony or Clint), MA performance (ask for Dave), and Import Image to see who will give you the better deal:

    Lastly, I think it is better to do the Front/Rear Sways and Front/Rear Kartboy endlinks all at once. You will save on the cost of the install if you are not doing it yourself. Even though installing sways is pretty easy.
  2., it you scroll down you will come to the 21mm front, 22mm front, and the 22 mm rear adjustable, and the 22mm rear, should i just do with the 22mm front and back or get the 22 mm front with the 22mm adjustable rear, your thoughts?
  3. Hey im going to order one of my sways probably this week, and do you think the 03 sti and wrx are the same sways in terms would they both have the same bold patterns? might be dumb questions but i was just wondering
  4. ok yea i'll look into that, thanks for the information
  5. Cusco makes good sways. I would prefer 22mm front/24mm rear.
  6. hey yea thanks that helps, the cheapest i found for it was 209, and before that alot of places has it for 229, has far as the suspension what do you think about cusco brand sways? the front is 21mm and the back i believe is 22mm, let me know what you think of them.
  7. Here is a link to a great price on the Exedy/OEM replacement clutch (this is the one you should get):

    Hope that helps, I don't think any vendor has it for less than $162.
  8. hey yea, im going to go with the kyp gr2s paired with the swift sport springs and either cobb or hotchkis sways, and kartboy endlinks and the eibach camber bolts. right now im saving for a new clutch for it haha mine is starting to go should have that done by christmas, then on to the suspension.
  9. hey man...

    You figure out what you are doing/upgrading the sways?
  10. just wanted to say whatsup
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