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  1. I would like to run this by your first. I am transitioning from Subaru to Nissan S14 and have found something that might help even the playing field between STI and EVO. I am not a vendor, I just happend to find this company that makes a wonderful product and would like to share it with the Subaru community.

    Let me know if its appropriate to post somewhere in the Classified threads.

    Best regards,


    I am working with L and E Fabrication LLC to get us a group buy. They are willing to give us $150.00 off the listed price of $524.99 for Subaru applications and $724.99 for S13 & S14 if I can get a minimum of three people interested and the same would apply if we get more interest. The list of applications are listed below.

    I have recently drove a Subaru around a short track and a high speed track equiped with one of these and its great. Very easy to correct the car as it is also for over correcting for those of us drifters among us. The steering wheel has a heavier feel from column which is great for track driving.

    S13 & S14: Because this is a new market for them, they requested that those interested will have to provide their own columns or core and no core charge will be applied. And anyone outside of what’s currently available will be considered custom, but if we get enough interest for that model it may just well be another category on its own.

    I plan to have this up for about 3 weeks to a month to gain as much interest as possible and if more people are interest I'll keep working with them to keep the prices affordable.
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