ATCsubie08's Album: My ride in progress

My ride in progress

It's almost complete to my liking and needs!
  1. My trunk with a bunch of stuff in it... boring
  2. The front end before mods
  3. The engine compartment before the blue hoses, and before I painted the plastic in there, then took it out for K&N SRI
  4. Borla Exhaust, def #1
  5. This was a year ago after waxing the car... much different now
  6. you can see the STi pedals here and the CF shift knob
  7. K&N SRI Typhoon intake... this thing rocks
  8. Halfway through the install
  9. before putting the badge back on... what do you think?  leave badge on or off?
  10. my car
  11. Seibon CWII CF Hood
  12. After the grillecraft grills were installed
  13. Trying to screw in the Grillecraft mesh
  14. STi Seibon CF Wing
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