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Conversation Between 05scoobytooner and Patryk

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  1. Hey do you know if an 06 model tailight will fit on an 05 wrx tailight??
  2. if you want we can trade if your not to far from me im in stroudsburg pa
  3. Yea...It was eventually going to have them tinted instead, its just not on the top of my "to do" list right now...
  4. hey any chance u still want tail lights like mine?
  5. Ohhhh...ok well that sounds good enough for me. I actually forgot to take into consideration that the 05wrx taillights have the red on the bottome portion and the white reverse light on the top portion, so the look you have is not possible with mine...I am gonna have to find another good look for my year model. Thanks for messaging back.
  6. hehe thanks
    i used spray on tint from a&a auto lol
    10$ a can

    its a process at times, sometimes they will come out flat colored an then at times youl get a nice glossy finish like mine

    i found the trick to be really thin coats with about 1 min drying time in between coats.
    on the 06-07 tails the bottom is so light that it looks faded so just keep spraying coats until you get the look you want
    spray from about 12-15 inches away very light coats thats the trick for a nice even finish
    if you dont like the result some good paint remover and a rag
    if you have a orbital buffer at low speeds you could always polish them up.
    make sure you take the tail lights out to do this the over spray you get is crazy.
  7. Hey, how's it going..I have a black 05 wrx and I was curious as to what you did to your taillights for that smoked-out look! It looks sweet and smooth, and how did you get it to just show the top part of the taillight? Do you know what I'm talking about?

    Message me back, Thanks Bro.
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