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Conversation Between 04stiman and MrSubielove

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  1. If you a picture of your engine bay area I will tell you which one you have man. Is that ok with you?
  2. hi i hope you don't mind me asking this question

    i bought an 03 wrx from my friend last year, and he told me that the car had an engine swap and he told me its a 2.0L. so every time i go to buy parts for the car i always say its a 2.0L, no a couple of days ago i asked him to send me a list of what he has put into the car. and i noticed he mentioned in his message that the car had a 2.5L sti engine swap. im already screwed and i dont want to listen to him cause every time i ask the same question the answer is different from the last.

    my question is. how can you tall the difference between the 2.0L and the 2.5L

    your reply would be very much appreciated. thank you
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