I have the option to purchase a Epson 7800 Pro 24" wide printer for $2200.
I also have the option to purchase a Epson 9800 Pro 48" wide printer for $4000


I've never owned a nice printer, but I am a professional web designer/photographer, so I am regularly among people who would be willing to use my services as a printer if I purchased this printer -

Currently, this would be a big investment for me, I was considering buying a Epson 9800 for $4000 (private seller who is leaving the country) but decided that I probably would have a hard time finding a market for such large photos

I've considered just saying "screw it" and buying the 9800 with goals to ACTIVELY TRY To sell such large prints to counter the added cost - I'm thinking approach rich people's offices or tailor specifically to people who have the wall space and money for such products.

I haven't even bought my new D200 yet (still using the D70) and here I am looking at Expensive-as-hell printers . . . .I'm crazy right??

I know there are many other factors which i have researched such as "cost of ink" "cost of paper" - and must be used regularly -

I need to purchase this printer tomorrow as I have a large job (25 prints at size 18x24) ordered from a client today and would rather do this than go to KINKOS.

Talk to me here people - how hard would it be to sell 36x48 inch prints??

Anything i'm missing here?? I have a lot to learn about sharpening techniques as well as printing in general - never owned a high quality printer, but I am certainly the "ANAL, WAX MY CAR EVERY MONTH" type guy.

Thanks, and sorry for the ranting.


1. Client wants about 30 LARGE PRINTS (18x24)
2. Would rather use that money and buy my OWN large format printer
3. Cant decide between epson 7800 (up to 24"s wide - $2200) or EPSON 9800 (up to 48" wide and $4000)
4. Need feedback/advice

SHOULD I EVEN BUY EITHER OF THEM?? HELP ME OUT HERE - I would be buying either of them on credit with plans to use them to pay for themselves??