This weeks’ “Sunday drive” was quite the interesting day. A couple of my buddies are going to get rid of their current bikes for some new toys so this was going to be their last day on the mountain with their respective bikes. Another friend was visiting from Richmond and had a photography assignment for class so we figured it would be a good opportunity for a photo shoot. We got a little torn up the on Saturday night though and when we finally woke up on Sunday the weather looked like absolute crap. The sky was a pure blanket of gray threatening to rain and it was pretty cold. We headed out anyways and right before we got to the mountain the sun woke up and the colors presented themselves beautifully. We took one preliminary run on the mountain, turned around and headed back up. I parked the car and we started shooting. After some nice shots I noticed a bit of smoke coming off my car which is never a good sign. It turns out I blew out something(still waiting on the diagnosis) in the power steering system down near the rack and the AT fluid sprayed all over the heat shield for the turbo causing the smoke. This was not a good start. At this point I just assumed I was low on fluid so we headed down to the gas station to fill it up. After pouring more fluid however I realized it was just pouring out so we took the belt off to hopefully keep the pump from burning up. The only problem with this is that the belt which runs the power steering pump also runs the alternator on the wrx so my mileage possibilities for the day were significantly limited at this point. While we were wrenching, a guy pulled up on a nice zx-11 and told us a silver Honda 600rr went down on the mountain and after a moment or two we all concluded we didn’t know anyone with a silver 600rr. We later found out it was actually a good riding buddy on his silver sv650 coming to meet up. Granted, it had a gixxer front end and under tail exhaust but I mean come on, it’s definitely not a 600rr. Luckily he came out alright although the bike ran up under a expedition and came out completely trashed. We headed back up completely oblivious and I stopped in a nice section where we could walk around a bit. The bikes started running and we started shooting. This continued for a good while and finally “rider b”(01 aprilia mille r) came in and “rider a”(06 gixxer 750) went back for a couple final passes. At first when I heard the 750 scream a few times I thought he just found a false neutral but then the telltale plastics on asphalt sound came and we ran to car quick. After fighting it for 3 or 4 power slides the 750 finally won the battle and he high sided. The leathers and helmet definitely did their job commendably and he came out not too much worse for the wear with a couple scrapes and bruises. Needless to say it was a very rough day and I think I may leave the mountain alone next October 22nd.

Everything still in one piece

Notice the mille

Diggin all day

This is one of the best sounding bikes ever

Then the rex broke


Still broke up on the mtn

I would trust both of these guys with my life but I’m still not sure I would be laying right there

The short bus

And again

I thought this comparison would illustrate how many times each of these guys have run the mountain. 3 gauges and a pothole to dodge, right on the perfect line.

The mille may look slower in the pics because there’s no knee down but in reality they were running the same speed. Just different riding style.

Getting ready for it

…and touchdown

Same turn mille style

Why he doesn’t put his knee down when it’s 2in off the pavement is beyond me but I’ve come to not question it

Too fast for the focus(notice the tail section)

Peakin around the turn

More short bus action

The colors on that bike were just beautiful

Wearin the pucks down

Puckin again

Fall on the mountain

This is probably one of my favorites of day just because of the panning


Shift needs to buy this picture

My photoshop skills are lacking and I’m too lazy to take a lot of time with it but here’s a couple composites. Pucking all the way through.

Another one

Watch out for the squirrel

Last shot of the gixxer in one piece

This must’ve been a helluva ride. I’m not quite sure how but he lucked out and missed the guardrail.

The ride home

Hopefully next week will be a bit less eventful. Until then, a farewell to the 750, it was a beautiful bike.