hey guys just wanna say whats up to the subie fam! im new to the world of subies, but ive always had a thing for them. i absolutely love the boxer rumble from a subie. i know its no sti, but i cudnt afford that baby yet. so i went with an '02 wrx for now till i can save for the '06-'07 sti. picked up my silver wrx a month ago, bone stock, 120k for $6,800. anyways, just wanted to take the time to say whats up to u guys.

also theres a few mods that i wanna do with my subie, but im a total noob about this so i wanna ask u guys for any advice or info on what i want. im not ballin' it or anything so im not looking for those 'top of the line' products. just the good stuff with reasonable prices. ohh and if any of u know good prices for these around my area, it would be much appreciated. i live in west covina, CA.

-18" wheels but not sure what offset/width/tire i can clear on rolled/not pulled fenders
-front lip
-side skirt
-rear diffuser
-sti hood scoop
-hella horns
-window visors

^^ thats pretty much all i want, just a clean daily driven bugeye subie.
thanks for ur time guys & have a good day

heres some pics of my subie