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This is a discussion on 370z Unveiling/car show within the Member Show-Off & Photography forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Don't get me wrong, I'd not turn away the Z either. I've had two Zs in the past, I'd go ...

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    Don't get me wrong, I'd not turn away the Z either. I've had two Zs in the past, I'd go for another. This time round though I'd either have a body shop correct the door handles (creative dentistry to make them go away, combined with solenoids and remote actuation to allow me to get into the car if need be) or do the math and if it turns out Z and body shop costs would amount to a G35 or G37, just get that instead since it has conventional door handles instead. Personal preference (and of the Nissans in the pics, I'd pic the orange one for old times' sake).

    I might turn away the GT-R. Underwhelming, overpriced, flamboyant, and it attracts all the wrong fan base for as difficult as it is to find in real life. In car paradise, So. Cal., I've seen... one on the road, ever... It's managed to alienate me through no fault of its own -- it's just that some of the people I have met that are zOmG MaD TyTe fans are hard to deal with or understand (example: I find it difficult to distinguish certain hairstyles from mental illness). Guilt by association I suppose. Where could I possibly drive that thing and feel comfortable?! And I'd have to pay how much for it again? To a Nissan dealer? Really?!

    The Porsche is a pretty car, as are the Audi and the SVX IMO - each in a different way, some chiseled, some curvy.
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