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This is a discussion on How-to's within the Member Show-Off & Photography forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I was wondering if anyone knew how to take photos like this one: With the wheels turned and all...

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    I was wondering if anyone knew how to take photos like this one:

    With the wheels turned and all
    Quote Originally Posted by 4valvemach View Post
    its a truck it can't be that fast

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    Photoshop to the max.
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    thats not photoshopped. You can see the brake calipers so its a rig shot. Theres a metal frame bolted to the bottom of the car, then a thick strong glass piece sticks out the side to make photoshoping easier. Then 6 ft sections of carbon fiber tubes are bolted to the glass and your camera mounts on that

    Move 'n Shoot GmbH - film & photo camera rig systems is the main place to rent a rig in Los Angeles. Its about 3000 a day and 10000 a day for their video rig that moves around the car.

    or you can buy a cheap one here.
    Automotive Rigs

    or build your own. but you have to be very careful you don't break your camera or mess up the car.
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