Hi folks,
I'm a member of the Newark Auto Fest committee and we will be putting on a huge drive in meet in downtown Newark DE on Aug 6th and 7th this year. Gonna be a nice time.

newayz...one of my tasks besides the registration, flyer, and car class breakdown is the design of the front t-shirt image.

What we had in mind was 4 silhouettes or wire frames of different vehicles, one each of an antique, a musclecar, a truck, and a sports/tuner car (preferably an STi . The only Verbage will be "Newark Auto Fest 2005" followed by August 6th & 7th.

I can handle the text graphics, but I'm running into issues with the vehicles? I've got Corel Draw 7 to work with and it's done me fine for my meager efforts, but I'm seeing I'm out of my depth here.

So here's the scoop. I'm asking if someone can at a minimum provide me with the 4 silhouettes and/or 4 wire frames of the cars listed...either in seperate or a single file, preferably .jpg for ease of use and sending.

I can be reached via PM where I can provide a phone number and email if anyone thinks they might be able to help. I would greatly appreciate it!!!

ps..does being a moderator help??? <--hoping this finally pays off