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This is a discussion on Vancouver Island Poker Run within the Meetings and Events forums, part of the Canada category; Update for May 20th: - Time to start sending in your payments to confirm your spot in the Poker Run. ...

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    Update for May 20th:

    - Time to start sending in your payments to confirm your spot in the Poker Run. Please if you can get your money into me sooner rather than later

    - Nanaimo Honda has now confirmed thier involvement again this year as a sponsor and as a checkpoint. That makes the following the list of checkpoints so far:

    • Victoria (Campus) Honda chpt #1
    • Duncan (Discovery) Honda chpt #3
    • Nanaimo Honda chpt #4
    • Courtney (Island) Honda chpt #6
    • Mt Washington Resort chpt #7

    - Napa Auto Parts is sending us a gift pack for the raffle as well, thanks to Bill Heinrich, Owner/Operator of Napa Auto Parts in Westbank BC. - Thanks Bill and see you at the event! Bill is bringing his brother-in-law so that is two more S2000's attending.

    That's it for now..., again please if you can, pickup your tickets to the event as soon as possible so I can start to firm up the numbers. If you can't make it out, please fire me a PM or email.
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    Update May 27th

    The Honda Way in Abbotsford has contacted me again this year and they are going to be providing us with some really special raffle items again. They indicated it would be trips someplace but didn't elaborate as they are still working out the details. For those of you that attended last year you will remember that The Honda Way donated two tickets to Las Vegas for two and a trip to Calgary to do the Allen Bergen F1 school (which by the way we have another one of these for this year but it must be used by September).

    Other than that money has started to trickle in. Please if you can contact me and pay for your tickets to get it out of the way and to allow me to pick up some nice raffle items for the event. Food and Facilities are now paid for so this is rain or shine.

    Again this is a poker run where we will leave Victoria (either as a group or you can go individual or with a separate group). We hit 7 checkpoints on our way to Mt Washington Resort. It is about a 3.5 hour ride. At each checkpoint you will receive a playing card. When you get to the final destination you will have 7 cards to make your best poker hand out of..., I will post up all the poker hands later just in case you not a poker player. Doesn't matter though as the judges will make the highest hand for you so you don't need to know anything about poker. You can purchase mulligan tickets which allow you 3 times to swap a card at a checkpoint. Winners come from the best, second, and third hands. There is also raffles going on during dinner where you can pick up some very cool swag for next to nothing. Raffle tickets are $5, $10, $25 dollar denominations.

    This is an overnight event (although it can be done in one day and have you on a Ferry back to the mainland that evening if you want), if you want me to help with accommodations let me know as there is a special rate for this event (89.00 - 189.00 whatever you need).

    I need to have all monies in by July 20th, drop dead date would be August 20th unless other arrangements are made (if you are absolutely sure you are attending and can't get the money to me till day of the event then just let me know and I will pay for you and you can pay me back).
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    Update: June 6th

    Not much new to say on the event with one exception.

    • If anyone wants to attend the banquet dinner only then you can do that by purchasing a ticket for the Passenger price of $50.00. that includes a $20.00 donation to the charity as well as your meal. That allows you to come and meet with us up at the Mt Washington resort and come to the festivities being held there including a meet (all cars at the challet on the brick patio), banquet dinner, raffle items, and any entertainment to follow, as well as a cruise back with us Sunday.

    We would love to have you out and if you can't make the actual "Poker Run" then you would be more than welcome to attend the event at Mt Washington with us.

    Money is starting to trickle in so thanks for that!

    To purchase your tickets either fire me a PM to get my address and you can mail me a cheque OR here is the link to the Interact Money Transfer site where you can use Interact to send money to me directly. (no banking information is sent to me, only an email confirming the transaction).
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    June 25th Update

    Well payments have started coming in and that is great! I have personally talked to all the Honda dealerships and they will be supplying a cash donation to the Charity as well as some really nice stuff for the participants. There will be something going on at each of the checkpoint with some prizes and give aways. SHC has donated some gift certificates as well as some nice raffle items including HID bulbs, a Momo Shift knob, and some car cleaning supplies. Kal Tire has provided a very nice road side emergency kit, and there is much much more..., then there are the cash prizes for top 3 poker hands.

    I have been asked by quite a few people how this all works cuz they don't know how to play poker..., by no means do you need to know how to play poker. I will post up a sheet with all the Poker Hands and their rankings. The way this works is we drive up to Mt Washington either on your own, with a small group, or come on a nice scenic cruz with the larger group. We will stop at 6 pre-determined stops and at each one you will receive a playing card. You keep the card and put it into a supplied envelop. You can swap the card at that checkpoint if you have purchased a mulligan ticket. Some of the checkpoints are putting on a BBQ for us and for their customers (free for us and donations by the customers) and they are turning that money over to us to put into the final donation to Camp Shawnigan. Once we arrive at Mt Washington we will park the cars up on the brick parking lot for a bit of a show. We have the upper chalet reserved for us and that is where the dinner will be as well as all raffle items laid out on a table. You will get the 7th card when you arrive at the Mountain. With all your cards in an envelop you submit them to me. If you know poker hands you can write what you have on the envelop and if you don't we will tell you what your high hand is. Once we have all the hands handed in we will award cash prizes to the top 3 card hands..., there of course will be some nice items that we silent raffle off (you purchase tickets and put them into buckets for the item you want and we draw tickets during or after dinner). Last year pretty much everyone went home with something, plus the feeling of doing some good for handicapped children and their parents and families.

    After dinner we have the place till midnight with a bar and bar staff so you can head out to see the mountain, head back to your accommodations, OR hang with us at the Chalet for a while. Next morning it is breakfast or brunch depending on when we all decide to meetup, and a cruz back to Victoria...,

    If you need to get back to the mainland for Sunday you can make it as the Duke Point Ferry out of Nanaimo (1.5 hours from the mountain) doesn't leave until 11:45 so you have plenty of time to make it back as some did this last year.

    That is it! Last year it was a fantastic time and we managed to send two kids with full supplies to camp. Two kids isn't much I agree but it is two more than could have gone and that is very satisfying and I thank all those that participated last year and those planning to participate this year.

    Come on out and have some fun for a good cause. Rooms at the Mountain can be had for $89.00 - $189.00 per night if you book through my contacts and if you go to the Mt Washington web site, under accommodations, you can find even better deals. I got a complete townhouse for $75.00 per night off the accommodations page.

    Approx 6 weeks left so please if you haven't signed up please do. Also time to start thinking about payment. I need to have payment by August 1st and can't accept too many more after that as food needs to be ordered and staff arranged as well as for the checkpoints they need to know how much freebie stuff to get for us. If you can't pay right now then at least confirm your attendance or if you can't make it let me know.

    Thanks again everyone from me and the kids that will benefit!!!
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    Good news!
    Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort
    In Parksville has signed up as a checkpoint. This is excellent as it gives us yet another beautiful spot to visit out our route to Mt Washington. The resort is also stepping up [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=black]donate one night’s accommodation with 2 Mineral Pool passes for the Grotto Spa, valued at $300. That will be part of the raffle with proceeds going directly to the Kids.

    The Honda Way in Abbotsford is kind of keeping quiet on what they are providing this year in terms of raffle items but they have said that they will be providing some excellent items as well Sokha himself may come over and participate in the Poker Run bringing along one of the Club Racers that they have in inventory.

    Money is coming in and I have sent out PM's to everyone that expressed interest in the event as it is time to start firming up the numbers. There is little over 6 weeks left so it is time to start purchasing your tickets. Please contact me about payment as soon as you can. I have committed to 60 dinners from Mt Washington so I am anxious to see how close we are to that currently.
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    July 11th Update:

    Money and confirmations are still coming in. I sent out a PM or Email to all the people that I have on my pre-registration list as it is time to firm up the numbers. Why are the numbers dropping so fast? Well on the list initially I wanted to get anyone that was 'thinking' of attending the event so I had a rough idea as to if we wanted to do this again this year. The response was once again tremendous and as such I decided to move forward with the event. It is time to start firming up those numbers and removing the people that originally signed up but now cannot make it for whatever reason.

    To date I am very pleased with not only the pre-registration list but the actual people that have paid and/or confirmed their attendance with me. THANKS EVERYONE that responded to me. If you have not responded to my PM or Email or have not received one at all, please let me know.

    So far we have the following numbers;
    CARS Confirmed Attendance ==> 26
    CARS Paid ==> 9

    PEOPLE Confirmed Attendance ==> 42
    PEOPLE Paid ==> 15

    I would love to see more cars sign up though as we don't have representation from a couple of car forums or car models. If you live on the island this is an excellent chance to see other cars and have a great time with a fantastic cruise and helping out with a great cause. For those of you on the mainland I understand gas prices are high (10 cents cheaper in some cases on the island though), and the Ferry costs and hotel make this an expensive weekend, but if you can afford to come along we need you to help make this a success and send as many kids to camp this year as possible. Last year we were able to send 2 kids and purchase all their associated supplies. I hope to double that this year. So if you can make it please make an attempt to..., It is a truly fantastic event and Mt Washington puts on a great banquet dinner.


    Also remember that you can't just show up, you have to register so I can arrange for food and for the events that some of our checkpoints are putting on including free swag !!! Get on the list.

    Pre-Registration List

    1) DDonovan (Dave/Ellen) - S2Ki(VI) - PAID
    2) esstwothousand (Ronnie) - S2Ki(VI) - CONFIRMED
    3) VietStylezz (Calvin/+1) - S2Ki(PACNW)
    4) SkunkWorks (Kenneth/+1) - RS(Van)
    5) pinetreeballer (Chris) - S2Ki(Van) CONFIRMED
    6) MIs2000 (Mike) - S2Ki(VI) - CONFIRMED
    7) notbadd (Mark/Judy) - S2Ki(Van) - PAID
    8) MID ISLE S2K (John/Donna) - S2Ki(VI) - PAID
    9) EhdrianEh (Adrian) - S2Ki(VI) - CONFIRMED
    10) braindoc (Dave/Barbara) - S2Ki(VI) - CONFIRMED
    11) sringrose (Scott/Sandy) - S2Ki(Vi) - CONFIRMED
    12) JetBlackS2000 (Wally) - S2Ki(VI)
    13) ssthrd (Dave/+1) - S2Ki(VI) - CONFIRMED
    14) TinoCivicSi (Austin) - 8thCivic(Van)
    15) Paris (Paris/+1) - NSXPrime(Vic) - PAID
    16) MickeyS2000 (Mo) - S2Ki(Van) - PAID
    17) JD Cross (Leslie/Jim) - NSXPrime - PAID(VI)
    18) Manic! (???) - RS(VI)
    19) kblackman (Kevin) - NASIOC-WRX/STi(VI)
    20) Fortune_Seven (Shaun/Brie) - RX7Club(VI) - LMin
    21) Zinn2win (Nick/+1) - 604z(Van)
    22) darksidegtr (Mike) GTRC(VI)
    23) leeaspin (lee/+1) - GTRC (VI) - LMin
    24) Kerric (Keith) - S2Ki(Edm) - PAID
    25) bumbobee (Stefan/+1) - NSXPrime(Van) - LMin
    26) Amazing300ZX (Kyle/Gary) - 604z(VI)
    27) eumylove (Steve) - S2Ki(PACNW)
    28) topdown2000 (Mike/+1) - S2Ki(VI) - CONFIRMED
    29) rocklizzard91 (Cory/Emma) -
    30) Carlos Fernandes (Carlos/+1) - bc240(Van) - CONFIRMED
    31) Artem G (Art/+1) - bc240(Van)
    32) Mr. Jack Walker (Jack/+1) - bc240(VI) - CONFIRMED
    33) GreviusJones (Howard/Sally) - S2Ki(VI)
    34) Robert Orr (Robert) - VIDE(Vic) - CONFIRMED
    35) FricFrac (Kurk) - VIDE(Vic) - 370 - CONFIRMED
    36) mxwizard (Tim/Cathie) - NIClub(Vic) - G35 - PAID
    37) Nicola (Nicola) - VIDE(Vic)
    38) Steve (Steve/Darla) - the370(Nan) - 370 - LMin
    39) JamesTheJames (James/+1) - SupraForum(Kelowna) - MKIV
    40) Jordan H - (Jordan) - BC240(Van)
    41) Sarah - (Sarah) - BC240(Van) - Turbo MR2
    42) Canadian-Ix - (Rob/Rodger) - evolutionm(Van)
    43) jostang - (Joe/Jill) - VancouverPrelude(VI) - '95 Prelude
    44) xxoasisxx - (Oasis/Amzeer) - VancouverPrelude(Van) - CONFIRMED
    45) Jordan Marshall - (Jordan/+1) - BC240(VI)
    46) Zoomie - (Chris/Kacey) - EvoX(VI) - CONFIRMED
    47) tukatz - (Tom/Mel) - S2KClubUSA(Tacoma) - '07 LGP - CONFIRMED
    48) Cougar_boy - (Josh) - 8thCivic - 92 FD Rx7 or Civic
    49) Rumblefish237- (Ryan/Jessica) - evolutionm(Van)
    50) K-Hound(EM) - (Josh/+1) - revscene(VI) - 2010 Kia Forte Koupe - CONFIRMED
    51) Kassroth - (Colin) - - PAID
    52) Dan VanDoormaal - (Dan) - 2010 Genesis Coupe - Email - CONFIRMED
    53) ITNKICN - (Ian/Robin) - G35Driver - LMin

    Cars: 53
    People: 86

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