Fast & Furious Release date- Meet to watch it?


So over on MIDSM I suggested going to the drive in @ Ford & Wyoming on the release date of Fast and Furious 4. I figured we could get MIDSM/MISUBIE maybe I will hit up MIEVO and see if they want to shoot out, a2sportcompact as well. See if we can all take over the drive in and give the other people there a real life F&F viewing? bahaha.
You tune in to the theater radio station to hear the movie, or they have the old skewl post speaker/heater things.
Also you can bring your own food, beverages, etc. Smokers can smoke if they want obviously.
There is an indoor concession there and bathrooms.

I know I know, people bash the movies up and down and they are usually so far fetched. But I think everyone can agree they are entertaining in some way. Either by making fun of them or enjoying the cars or special effects, whatever.

So who is down?

Release date: April 3rd.

Where: Ford & Wyoming Drive in, Dearbon. (Yes it is in the ghetto. Yes it is safe, don't act like a douche and you will be fine.)