Horrible Gas Milage
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This is a discussion on Horrible Gas Milage within the Maintenance, service, and repair forums, part of the Tutorials & DIY category; hey guys, before you say there's other threads on this i read them all. my last tank i got 212 ...

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    Horrible Gas Milage

    hey guys, before you say there's other threads on this i read them all.

    my last tank i got 212 miles, which is completely terrible. my mods are catless utec stage 2 with an intake, tuned by junior.

    i have been trying to drive conservatively being its 3.19 a gallon around here. any ideas on why its soo bad? could running catless kill the o2 sensor early? if so how much would a new one be?


    2005 WRX
    UTEC Stage 2 (Catless)

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    Junior Tuned

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    What is your actual MPG. Going by how far the tank gets you really isnt all t hat accurate (from what I've seen). I know my gauge is all over the place most of the time.

    I'd try to figure out your MPG's and go from there.
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    Ask Junior what your A/F ratios are. If it is an aggressive tune, there may be some fuel blanketing going on. Ditto what 302 said above too.
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