I went out to my car today to go to the gym before they closed... and as I pulled the door handle, the thing nearly came off in my hand, and the lock cylinder fell down into the door. Needless to say, I did not get to the gym

So that you don't make the same mistakes I did, here's the EASY way to fix these problems. These should be the same for both sides on the front, not sure about back.

FIXING THE DOOR LOCK (if it falls in):
1. Remove door panel.
2. Pick up the bolt that's at the bottom of the door (I found a nut, too... not sure what that goes to).
3. Lower the window (don't do this first, or else you can't get the bolt. Get clever, if it's the driver's side - plug the console thing back in)
4. Move the lock around until it fits into the hole, right way up.
5. Using some sort of straight, 10mm nut driver, drive the nut straight through the hole where this mounts. NOTE: If you're an idiot like me and try this step with the window up, you will curse at the project, and consider taking the glass out. Oh yeah, and you'll probably be tempted to take all the door levers apart too ).
6. Reverse removal for the door panel.

If you want to take the door handle off entirely, this is one of the bolts, and the other is on the other side of the handle, but can only be accessed with the window up.

How the little metal rods work:

You should have 5 "rods" that work the latch from the handles, and move with the locks (1 for each handle, 1 for exterior lock, the interior lock has two, conjoined at a little rocker thing). The interior lock rod is pretty clear, the interior handle rod goes to the green connector on the rear-side, through the two white holders, and to the actual handles.

The exterior handles are tricky. The lock is self-explanatory (hooked to the lock cylinder, and the pink connector on the lock mechanism), but if you happen to be like me, and remove the entire exterior door rod, pay attention. To get it back in, first remove the exterior door handle. The right-angle end of the rod goes into the connector on the handle itself. THEN start fishing the rod down into the door. It will go to a little place all the way to the rear side of the door with a little cap. Under the cap is a blue mechanism that moves down and up. Fish the straight piece of rod from the handle into the blue, then close the cap.

As a final step, do everything again because you screwed up, and got the wrong rod in front, so again the lock doesn't fit in the hole

Hope this helps someone save an hour of fiddling with their door... it's just completely not intuitive to roll DOWN the window to get access to anything in the door panel.