I'm about to install some diamond audio M3 6.5" components in the front doors of my wagon. I have the dynamat speaker kit (the 10x10 squares for now anyway). From what I read, I need to make .5" spacers for these as the factory ones wont work. Is this right? Also, do I put the dynamat on first, then the spacer? Should I put some kind of seal around the speaker before it goes into the spacer? It would be nice if they fit with the factory spacer...guess I'll find out for sure when I rip open the doors

And yah, Im lazy and dont want to squirm wire through those u shaped boots so I guess I'll use the factory wire and hope the crossovers fit in there somwhere...covered in a baggie and wrapped in foam or something

I have an older Kenwood excellon mask going in there...been in 3 cars so far and still works great. And I wasnt going to put an amp in but I have a usacoustics 4X50 thats going to find its way under the pass seat

Thanks in advance any help would be greatly appreciated,