Ii've read on car sound forums (esp. David Navone's $10,000 offer to anyone whom can tell one amp from another within same class/ wattage w/ same speaker) that all amps sound the same. What do you guys think? The 2 amps in question are both 4channel : Rock-Fosgate-Power 550x (with 24db crossover slope), or .....(lol) Blaupunkt PA4100. Before you reply, check out the info on the Blau, 1/3-1/4th the weight, extremely efficent (less draw on alt, plastic case vs. a metal heat sink).
The pricing is comparible, the Fos-power is a class AB amp w/ 62.5watts (notoriously underrated from what i understand), and the Blau is 100watts. These ratings are RMS btw, and will never be used at full power since they are to be used for 4 pairs of 6.5 & 3/4" pass. X'd JBL components. i'm looking for a quality system and i'm leaning to the rock due to the 24db cutoff slope (the other is 12 db).