ok recently I got a factory boost gauge off ebay for $56. yet the guy cut the wire harness short. so I had about 2in or vacuum hose a red wire and a black wire. in a question I posted someone was so kind and gave me a site that had the factory install info. yet it was not that great of info. It was based if you bought the kit with a entire wire kit. so I soldered longer wires and routed them to the radio secion like it says. I did not have the connector so I used slide in connectors to make it work. I had no light. so I was at the junkyard and found a proper connector I think it was a honda or nissan in the heater area. worked like it belonged there. I fliped the wires as the factory wire harness does not have black and red. has like 2 peach colored wires. fliped the wires and tested ok now.

previously went to the dealer. dealer has no clue as this is consitered a aftermarket part add on. even though I pointed out many cars on the lot have these gauges. the guys like still I have to ask around for that info. so they may or may not stock the bulb. bulb is on the back with a twist fiting and slides out. likly a comon bulb at local autoparts I'd bet from the look of it.

funny thing is that the bulb has a blue bulb condom on it and yet still shines white? but that was my fun on saturday. working on IC spayer still looks like $20 is all it will cost!