anyone have a 15'' sub?
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This is a discussion on anyone have a 15'' sub? within the Interior Mods forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; i know alot of people have 10's and 12's, but anyone got a 15? how do you think 1 15'' ...

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    anyone have a 15'' sub?

    i know alot of people have 10's and 12's, but anyone got a 15?
    how do you think 1 15'' would compare to 2 12's in sound?

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    a 15 will be alot louder, when paired with the right amp and wiring, but wont be as clear and crisp as a 12 or better yet a 10.

    but a 10 wont knock your neighbors pictures off the walls

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    A qualty 15" sub in a properly built box can sound just as good as a 10" or 12" sub. It depends on how much space you want to sacrifice. The 15" sub will sound a little different, but it depends on taste too.
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    i had a 15" in a sealed enclosure, 18" by 18" by 18" in my Acura CL. man, i LOVED the way that sub sounded. it could hit SSSOOOO low that you couldn't really hear the bass, just feel it throughout your body. if it wasn't so big/heavy, i'd definetely have it in the Rex. here's a pic.
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