I got this installed and got the Hi and Low setting set. I understand how to adjust it BUT I get it adjusted then pretty soon it just spikes a bunch and makes the warning lights and beeps go crazy. Then I play with it a little and it stops freaking out but then it goes haywire again. I'm at the point now where I think this thing shouldn't be SO touchy. Being off one click or two on the set, set gain, or gain shouldn't make it do that should it. I'm about to rip it out. Maybe I don't have it installed right but it seems to do what it is suppose to do otherwise. Maybe that's just the way they are but I'm tired of adjusting it every time I drive my car. Does the ambient outstide temperature like from moring and afternoon make it have to be set different. It kinda sucks.

Any suggestions?

The gain is at 8 on Low and 10 on Hi.

The set is at about 41 Low and 52 on Hi. Hence about 12.5psi and 16.5psi.

The set gain is where it seems to make the most affect on wether I get boost spikes or not and sometimes I can set it real low or I have to set it much closer to the set. Like 35 and 44 respectivley but like I said before it doesn't seem to matter.

Maybe I need to raise or lower the gain so the set gain is not so sensative. I don't know at this point.