Class design project...tell me what you think (long)
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This is a discussion on Class design project...tell me what you think (long) within the Interior Mods forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; For my Human computer interaction/design class I am going to design a car stereo interface. My goals will be, first, ...

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    Class design project...tell me what you think (long)

    For my Human computer interaction/design class I am going to design a car stereo interface. My goals will be, first, to make the system safe (that is, a system which takes little attention from the road to opperate) and,second, enjoyable (this includes making it entertaining and visually interesting).

    It is almost obvious that a system which resides in the gauge cluster would take the least amount of attention away from driving. However, we are probably going to limit ourselves to DIN position/size designs...this is because most people cant afford/arent technically inclined enough to install a system in the cluster.

    We are going to make an initial design and then rework it based on data collected using an eye-tracking system (cool and scarry stuff).

    I guess the real pupose of this post is to ask what you think of the design....which will be posted as soon as we make the first sketch.

    I would also like to hear what people like/don't like about stereo systems you have used. (in the design process asking the user what they think is very very important). Also, (and i know i keep asking for more and more help) could you tell me which 3 or 4 buttons you use the most (this will help in determining which functions are the most important/should be the most visible)

    Thanks...and sorry about the long explanation.
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    Sounds like a cool project.
    Anyway, for my stereo (I have a Pioneer), I definitely like having different sizes and shapes of buttons. I can basically drive my car and do stuff on the radio without looking at it. I like having a volume knob to turn, and I mostly just hit buttons for preset stations. If I am listening to a CD, I like being able to hit the next and previous track buttons. So the buttons I use most are volume knob, 1 or 2 preset stations (usually), next track, previous track. Having each of these slightly different from each other helps. Good luck with your project.
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    I also really look for an actual volume knob. It just seems so much more tactile and precise, and less distracting than pushing at buttons.

    I also noticed that MD never really took off in the N. American market, which is really too bad. If ever there was a perfect media for car stereos, it`s gotta be MD.

    Here are some favs:
    pioneer combo


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