I don't have a WRX yet, but I'm starting to do some research on aftermarket component speakers for one. I'm becoming more of an audiophile daily, and I already have a head unit, 2 amps, and 2 sub-woofers in a box. I think I'd really like a 6.5" set with about a 1" tweeter. I listen to techno, rock, and other genres, so I don't want a set with tweeters that aren't harsh enough. The MB Quart PCE216 caught my eye from their Premium line. I found these online for about $260, MSRP of $580.

Any suggestions for good component speakers for about $300? I know Diamond Audio and Focal have some good ones, but I have not checked prices yet for some of those.

Also, anyone know if these would even fit in a WRX? I assume I would need spacers.