So a while back I bought a 2 5/8 boost gauge, 2 1/16 A/f ratio, and a 2 1/16 egt and was going to get a pillar pod for the 2 small ones and put the boost where one of the A/C vents are. Then I saw the Defi pod and a local shop near me call speedsport technik and bought it as soon as I saw it before thinking about the sizing and everything.
So when I got back to my house I realized the problem and still wanted to use the autometer gauges. I found a way to make it work I took a 1/8 sheet of black plastic and made kinda like an adapter for the smaller gauges to fit in the bigger holes the dremmeled out the center hole a little bigger for the boost gauge.
In the end I worked out really night and I have had not problem with it.
Heres a picture sorry its so s**tty I took it with one of those camera phones.