some background. i priced the full speakers set and WRX head unit/CD changer from the dealer. about $900 for the receiver and another $250 for the speakers. seems like a lot for a clunky OE system!

so i've seen a lot of you happy with the Alpine's you installed. i also like the 9807. the price is right. and all i really want is the benefit of having MP3 playback. $218 @

the looks are nice as well, as indicated by someone elses post.

now for speakers...there are so many choices. and i am not a stereo nut - so i don't need the best there is. just something that i'll be satisfied with 2-3 years down the road.

based on this post by Stephen Clark of IA, it looks as if there are quite a few choices that will fit given their adapter kits -

i also gather going with 6.5" front is best. might as well get the larger woofers since they will fit if not to deep. so how does this sound for speakers Front & Rear (no stand alone tweeters):

Fronts: 6.5" (shallow Mount) Infinity Reference 6002si -

Rears: 4.5" Infinity Reference 4002i -

total cost less tax, shipping and mounting and wiring adapters = $322.00

not bad IMO.