Was installing my carpc lcd, and since the bastid was so big I had to dremmel some space in the plastic cover. Unfortunately when I was dremmeling I s'pose I got lazy and allowed for a knick in the silver trim. I now have a black gash on it . Anyway, anyone know of a silver paint that matches that trim? Also when I was installing the lcd I got some minor scratches in the vinyl, anyone know of a quick fix for this?

If any of you care what went in:
The PC is enclosed in an 1/4" acrylic case that fits under the driver seat
has GPS, connects to UTEC, Wireless, Wireless KB/Gyro mouse, an of course connects to stereo. (may change to touchscreen... dunno) 80gb hdd, 512 ram 1ghz.

I'll try to have some pics up by the end of the day.