I installed my subwoofer and amp this last weekend and really wanted to solder the wires I spliced instead of using BUTT connectors. But I had time constraints so I used the Butt connectors. But my turbo timer is coming in the mail real soon, and since I have to splice into the alam system for it, I am going to rewire the connections with solder. And I was going to buy some liquid soldering flux because it works awesome for soldering. It sucks the solder right into the soldering joint you are making.

Anyways, I was going to buy some liquid soldering flux, and the guy at work says that Pine Tree Sap is the same thing as soldering flux. So he goes out back, picks some sap off the Pine Tree outside, heats it up with a soldering iron, puts it on a piece of wire, and it works perfect. So what I did was put a whole bunch of sap in a container and diluted it with some acetone. Now I have NATURAL liquid soldering flux for all my electrical connections on my car and I am going to use heat shrink to cover the connections.
Kurlee Daddee