after reviewing various technical resources, here is the final diagram for integrating a typical turbo timer and an aftermarket alarm that uses an ignition sensing wire.

install notes:

1) Connect the Turbo Timer's Ignition output wire and Cathode side of a 1amp diode to Pin 86

2) Connect a fused 25 amp 12 volt source to Pin 87

3) Cut the Ignition wire in half and connect the Key Side of Ignition wire, Alarm's Ignition sensing wire and Anode side of the 1amp diode to Pin 87A

4) Pin 85 to Ground

5) Pin 30 to Coil Side of Ignition wire

6) Connect the Turbo Timer's Accessory Output wire to the Accessory wire on the Ignition harness

7) Make sure the Alarm's Ignition Sensing Wire is connected to the relay and not anywhere else!!!!

This relay will work with Turbo Timer's that uses the Ignition Output wire to detect whether the vehicle was turned off in order to activate the Turbo Timer.

For G4 alarms that have on board Ignition Kill installed the relay is not needed, just connect the Turbo Timer's Ignition Output wire to the Green/Blue wire off the Clifford's Ignition Output.

If you have any questions feel free to email me!