The wires for the antenna run up behind the rear seat, and are attached to the trunk lid hinge (we used black wire bindlers to attach it). Once past the hinge, we used P shaped clips, and ran the wire right along the inside of the trunk lid. There are holes the the P clips can screw right into. The antenna is the little magnetic Terk, about 2inX2inX3in, and since the car is black, matches just fine. Watch it when you are washing the car...if it slides around you might scratch the paint.

As for XM itself, we used the Delphi unit first. The display options rocked, but the color did not match(orange), and the sound quality through the stock radio was poor... Thats the unit you can place in a docking station in the home. I took it back and got a Sony 810...solor display options, better sound, and you don't waste console space with the bulky Dephi...

Hope this helps!!!
Hope this helps! Good luck!