I installed an Autometer boost gauge a few weeks ago. I have a problem though. When the car is off, the gauge is pointing to about 1 or so on the vacuum side. Is this affecting my boost readings? It usually peaks at about 13 or so psi in 3rd, 4th, and 5th, which from looking around on here seems pretty normal. It also idles at about -17 vacuum, which seems normal too.

My question is to whether or not this is off based on where the gauge rests when the car is off. If it's calibrated wrong or something, is there anything i can do to get it right, or am i just outta luck?

Anyway, thanks in advance for the help. I just wanna make sure my boost readings are as accurate as possible before I start modding anything. I want to make sure i'm careful and don't screw anything up. Thanks.