In the Past i used to be an AUDIO enthusiast and i had a very big and good Stereo i my last car that i just sold.
Now i have a WRX and i have a big and heavy setup.
Its a Kicker S12 L-7 Sub,a Kicker KX1200.1 AMP to power that SUB,A Kicker 500.2AMP to power my Boston Pro Component Set ,a capacitor ..
This draws a lot of current and i used to have a spare battery only for the AUDIO,,the battery would draw all the charge in 3 minutes(and it was a big and heavy 120AMPS battery)..
If i use this sound i will need for sure a extra battery(at least 1 if not 2),,and counting everything including the 0 Gauge wires i have for my Sub that thing must weight about ore than 100KG.
Now i ask,,is this worth???
I dont like that much LOUD music and i think i will go with a smaller amp and smaller sub and sound,,,i need to sell my equipment first.
And i was looking at the CF sub enclosure but i think its difficult to do.
Maybe i will use that space for the AMP and put the sub where it needs to be with a traditional wood box.
Anyone know how many Seconds the Sound would slow me down in the 1/4Mile run?