Can anyone tell me what the stock speaker depth is for the front and rear in an 06?

This is probably the 5th speaker post I've had, but every place I've gone (Best Buy, Circuit City and 2 custom shops) I keep getting different answers to the same questions about which speakers will fit with the least amount of modification to the door.

Tonight I read the mounting depth for the front is 2 1/2" and the rear is 2". So anything less than that should fit no problem without any type of spacer, right? Insert the Infinity Reference REF6020CS for the front and the Infinity REF6422CFP for the rear. According to the specs on the box, the fronts are 2 1/16" deep and the rears are less then 2" (I forget the number).

Is my thinking correct in this? I am really having a hard time swallowing $200+ labor fees for something that doesn't look to be that hard, but the one thing keeping me from trying myself is getting in there and finding out I need some spacer that I don't have.