Hey guys,

Just bought a new STi a few weeks ago and I'm in the process of installing a pioneer avic-z2 nav unit. I have the same question a lot of people have, but I want to verify that everything still holds true for the 07 STi -

- the "car speed signal input", I have read should be connected to a green/black wire that's in a harness under the passenger side dash, is this correct?

- the "reverse gear signal input" should be connected to one of two brown/yellow wires in a wire harness under the passenger side kick panel.

also, does anyone have any information about overriding the parking brake restriction on the Z2?

thanks, and I'm loving the car so far! I traded in my 99 forester for this, it's the first car I've bought and it's also the first time I've driven stick. completely great time