Passport 9500i /Smart Cord / Shifter Install Questions
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This is a discussion on Passport 9500i /Smart Cord / Shifter Install Questions within the Interior Mods forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; My Passport 8500 (non-x50) died this past month. Everytime I stepped on the gas I would get a false laser ...

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    Passport 9500i /Smart Cord / Shifter Install Questions

    My Passport 8500 (non-x50) died this past month. Everytime I stepped on the gas I would get a false laser and scare the crap out of myself. Going with another passport was easy b/c I had a $2k K40 dual detector setup in my audi and my passport was better. I did not get front/rear detector capabilities with passport but that was more of a cool feature and marginally useful. If the detector was going off I was slowing down period.

    So now I have the new 9500i (gps enabled detector) and the smart cord hardwire setup but not sure how/where I want to install it????

    Anyone have any recommendations on:
    1. Where to install detector (behind rear view?)
    2. Where to tap into for power (btw I have homelink mirror with compass)
    3. Where to install the remote display and mute button?
    4. I am also thinking of getting the laser shifter add-on. Tips on this install?

    Pictures are even better!

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    -For the first part of you question, I know that there is a mounting hole and screw under the headliner that you can punch a hole in the headliner and screw it on up there. You just need to carefully remove the headliner about 3-4 inches behind the rearview and it should be there. I have not tried this on mine, but my friend with an '03 has it done.

    -I am sure that after you peel back the headliner, I am sure that you can splice into some wires.

    -How big is this "remote display and mute button"? I would say to put it in the blank buttons on the left of the steering wheel on the dash.

    -I have no idea what a laser shifter add-on is...
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