The gadge intall itsell has been sucsesful. I bought a autometer bezel and a boost gadge and EGT. Any way I ran into a couple problem on the instal the wiring isnt wired right so the one gadge doesn't light up. I desided to tap into the wires for the cruise control. I bought a multimeter and found what I thought was the ground and 12v but the multimer was reading -12v Is this were I went wrong or is it somthing else. Also the t fiting that came with the setup looks tiny is what is the best hoase clamp or selant to sure up that side of things. I also found the tubing for the pressure is like a slinky and will get tangled if pulled and kink . I barley had enough to get it to the blow off valve after triming off the bad section. Any one know off new hose I can buy to get rid of this problem. The autometer bevel isn't compleat either. The brackets it came with dont have big enough holes for the screws it came with. I pulled the dash out to work on the wiring and can't get the little plastic screw buy the door put back right. It seems like it will break under strain. Well I guess thats it. I read alot on here and dont post much but read alot. This weekend sould be fun if i get all the kinks out of the boost gadge I'll do the EGT next.