so i've been out of the loop for a while on what's cool and what's not for amps...i remember when Phoenix Gold and US Amps were the hottest thing on the block and if you had a bigger budget then you had Fosgate or PPI gear in your lowered toyota or harbody with reverse rims and texas tails

my setup: i have Memphis MClass 6.5 and 5.25 components in the stock locations and a Memphis M3 12"dvc sub (in an Audio Integrations box) - currently running off of a Clarion 675 cd hu (06 model)

with that said...i'm still using my 11 year old US Amps Merlin 5300 (65x4 plus 100x1) which still runs great (i don't abuse my gear), but with the power hungry sub in a small sealed box - my gains are currently set with the front end turned all the way down the sub gain running at 75% up (even up to 100% up when playing rock or country music) just to get some decent kick drums

i'm looking to maybe get into a newer 5ch amp with a higher sub output but i don't want to spend a fortune since i'm getting ready to spend on a Pioneer avic-d3 anyways and i'd rather get the audio stuff over with a start saving for Stage 2 mods

so with that said i've found some decent deals on the kicker and phoenix amps - the kicker is 70x4 + 420x1 and the pg is 125x4 + 400x1

any thoughts?