ok so heres the problem you wanna get rid of your stock seats but then after you put in your new seats you have sensors that are left unattended and then your airbags wont work until you do what is called a "bypass" this is where i am left useless and cant help myself... i have 2 jdm sti seats and i put my seatbelt buckles on the seats which left me with these sensor plugs to manage but all i have are 2 resistors that i got from an 03 wrx so i dont think these sensors have the same resistance then comes the part for my passenger that airbag will never be activated because of the pressure sense under the seat and thats another that i gotta turn on please if u know anything let me know asap because im driving around without airbags heres some pics
passenger me holding weight sensor other yellow is for side airbags and i dont know what the grey one is for

driver side seat belt sensor is plugged in other yellow one is the side airbags and the other is for who knows what