Anybody here install the PLX Devices R-500 at all? I am fairly good with wiring, have done plenty of my own car stereo setups. I was just wondering if anybody has installed this. I was going to buy an EGT gauge, and AFR gauge.. but I seen this in modified magazine.. and for the price it looks like this would be worth the money. It shows that it measures horsepower and torque, EGT, AFR, Knock, and a few other things. My downpipe already has a bung for the AFR, so that's one thing out of the way. The EGT goes on the exhaust manifold... that shouldn't be too hard. Knock? Not sure where to get that reading.. I would guess you tap from the ECU somewhere? And as for the readings of HP and TQ.. I have no idea. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the lengthy post, but just need some feedback before I drop 500 dollars on this =)