I'm getting a Sonic Yellow Wagon in about 3 months, and I'm already thinking about everything I'm going to do with it, one of the first things being ripping out the stock stereo. About an hour ago, I thought of this and planned it out. I think it would work, but I'm not entirely sure, so anybody with a wagon, especially one with subs in the back, let me know what you think. I made up a crude drawing, but I'll describe it anyways.

I want to have a decent sized enclosure (probably ported) for the subs I decide on (or the ones I already have), but I really don't want to kill my ability to access the spare tire, so I got to thinking. I push a top firing enclosure up to the back seat, and measure an inch past where it extends onto the cover for the spare tire well. I then take out the cover, cut it straight across where I measured, and install hinged brackets on both sides.

*Theoretically*, this would allow me to just lift up the rear part of the newly hinged cover if I needed to get to the spare, or the little cargo tray in there. The only things that I could think of that might go wrong is if the material that makes up the spare tire well cover is too thin, or if it would split when you screwed the hinges in. Also, getting the donut in or out might be a little tight, but that's easily overlooked.

I'm probably just overthinking this, but if anybody could shed any ideas, i'd really appeciate it. In the mean time while I ever so patiently (yeah right ) wait out the ~3 months till I get my rex, anybody who feels so inclined should feel free to try this out, as long as you LMK how it goes. Thanks in advance for any ideas, and sorry for babbling. Happy Holidays.