What gauge should I get?
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This is a discussion on What gauge should I get? within the Interior Mods forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; So I already have a boost gauge, a water temp gauge, and an EGT gauge, but I have 1 spot ...

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    What gauge should I get?

    So I already have a boost gauge, a water temp gauge, and an EGT gauge, but I have 1 spot left to fill. What gauge do I need after these 3? I was thinking either oil temp or A/F, but I heard those can be difficult to install. Thanks.

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    You don't need oil temp, but oil pressure might be good. You have a free oil temp on your cluster. Regular A/F gauges are waste because they're not wideband. You can get a wideband, but they're pretty pricey.
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    a/f would be beneficial if you went wideband, but as mentioned, those are a bit pricey. oil pressure is very useful. easy to install as well. oil temp is really only good for lettin you know that the car has warmed up. you can kinda already do this without buying an oil temp gauge simply by lookin at your stock gauge bezel. yes, the subie does read water temp (not oil temp) but once the car reads a higher water temp, the oil is usually right behind it.
    hope that didnt get too confusing.

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    The stock temp gauge is measuring water temp, not oil temp

    EDIT: oops, didn't see that was posted already...carry on...
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    What are your goals for the car? If you're not planning on tracking it, I wouldn't bother with any more gauges. The essentials for the street are really just boost and egt, the water temp is def nice to have too though. If you are going to do track days etc, then oil temp, oil pressure would be your best bet. Skip the AFR altogether. Unless you plan on tuning yourself, a wideband is going to be a huge outlay of cash for something you won't need anyways. What brand of gauges do you have in there right now btw?
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