um, hello, hi...

stock e-brake on your car is not going to withstand lockup repeatedly. it will eat shoes and score rotor shell linings. twin-handled e-brake will destroy bias and also rotor/shoes. Cable is not intended to be used while "hot". Our OEM e-brake system is not intended to be engaged while the car is moving...

hydraulic e-brake bolt-ons are a safety hazard when used with OEM brake systems.

You will need a piggyback hydraulic line set and pump, a handle assembly, a caliper mount set and caliper set designed for your year/model mounting brackets, and rotors nearly 2x the surface area of what you are using now.

at a minimum you are looking at $4000 in parts and fluids. This is not including a wheelset with clearance for said brakeset.

I recommend Wilwood or Project Mu for this extreme of a setup.

any less is silly for the goals stated.

for a real brake upgrade for a street car, may i suggest:

slotted or drilled/slotted rotors
ceramic street performance brake pads
stainless brake lines, Goodridge or similar
Motul RBF series brake fluids

this is reasonably priced, improves handling dramatically, durable, good looking, and easy to install without help.

If you want racing brakes, get with RallySportDirect or look up StopTech.