I know, Glowshift is garbage, but I needed a cheap voltage gauge and I already regret buying it.

That being said, I do have it so I want to try and make it work.

I've got the 7-color voltage gauge and I've got the wiring hooked up as per instructions.

The red (switched 12V) has been tried with an add-a-circuit in the ACC fuse and the CIG socket fuse. Same result with both.
Yellow (constant 12V) has been tried with an add-a-circuit in the Door Lock fuse and direct to the battery with an inline 3A fuse.
Orange (for dimming) is connected to rear taillights fuse with add-a-circuit
Black is grounded.

The issue is that the color recall doesn't save it's color. If I turn the car's power on, the gauge lights up, shows voltage and I can change the color. When I turn off and back on, the color saves.
If I do the same thing but start the engine, the color resets to blue.

It does seem like there isn't enough voltage to going to the gauge, but on a year-old car (2011 WRX) how could the battery be that bad already? Plus, it's been through a Canadian winter with zero issues starting. If I can start a WRX in winter at -30 no issues, then a gauge should be able to remember a single-byte of memory, no?

So, any ideas? I've emailed Glowshift, and there last suggestion, which I have yet to try, is to pull the gauge out, and try the wires direct to the battery to see if it remembers it's color.
Has anyone else had a similar issue?