Hello fellow rexers,
I've searched and haven't found a similar thread. Basically, I'm looking to replace my radio antenna amplifier. The explanation is long winded....
About a month ago I installed a Pioneer avhp3400bh head unit. Basically a standard HU with Bluetooth and HD radio. My system is the HU, the stock speakers and a Bass link amp in the hatch. It is a non-navi wrx btw. The HU did not come with a separate cable to power the antenna amp. After some research, I ended up wiring the HU remote turn-on lead to both the bass link remote turn-on and the antenna amp.
This worked perfectly until last week. I was able to get perfect radio reception and the sub worked flawlessly. I was able to pick up all my local HD stations and sub-stations.
Last week on my drive home, the sub suddenly shut off and only the factory speakers were working. I was pushing it pretty hard just before that so I thought maybe it overheated and shut itself off (even though that had never happened before.) The next morning it turned back on so I thought I was good. But then I noticed the engine rpm noise coming from the sub (I swear at first i thought my exhaust muffler had become loose because of how deep the engine note sounded, lol). And most of my programmed stations (HD and SD) didn't pick up at all or sounded terrible. I took out the HU to double check all of the wiring, everything looked fine. Same for the wiring to the sub.
After some more research I decided to undo the original splice of the remote turn-on and the antenna amplifier. I left the remote turn-on by itself ( just HU to Basslink) and spliced the antenna amp wire into the accessory 12v (red wire).
The engine noise was completely gone. But the poor reception is still not corrected. I'm thinking that this incident may have shorted out the antenna amp.

so now I'm looking to see if I can buy a replacement antenna amp and get some info on where to get it and how to install it. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Or any other ideas as to what could be wrong? Thanks in advance