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Just a quick update. Not quite done with the ordeal.

I removed the whole screen/grid thingy out of my seat. Was really easy... even for me. The clips are a bit different. Now the bottom one has a heavier duty clip on it.

It is the opposite of the original seat. Now where it was an outtie, it's an innie. It is not what I want, but it isn't any worse than the original. Perk: Now my butt can slide back so it's under my shoulders. Con: My mid back can slide back so I feel like a hunchback. I need the 'bump' or firm part a few inches higher than it is normally I have decided after flipping seats a lot.

So I'm going to modify the grid a bit. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do. Hopefully it works out pretty well. Took some pictures of what I did so far, and going to get some more of the final product when I am done. I am glad I finally started to work on it a bit. The seat structure is probably the only thing about the car I don't really like. And the holes Subaru left in many important bushings.
Hey, did you ever manage to post your progress? I bought v8 US STI seats and they are embarassingly more unfortable than my 02 wrx seats. I'm totally regretting buying them! Not only do the WRX seats have all the proper support, they actually used cushion instead of whatever lightweight rocks (granite? lol) they used in the Sti seats.
Anyway, after hours of research I cant seem to find anyone who went ahead and replaced the cushioning instead of just messing with the spring grid. Does anyone have any experience with this or at least a photo to help me know what I'm getting into?