Sony 660BT and 770BT HU
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This is a discussion on Sony 660BT and 770BT HU within the Interior Mods forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Has anyone had (or know someone) with experience with the new Sony 660BT or 770BT head units? I'm looking at ...

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    Sony 660BT and 770BT HU

    Has anyone had (or know someone) with experience with the new Sony 660BT or 770BT head units? I'm looking at a package deal with the 660BT for about $600 that includes Bluetooth, a backup camera, Tom-Tom navigation and one-wire iPod (and USB). The 660 has a slightly smaller screen (6.1" versus 7") than the 770, but it has a real volume knob and it's also slightly cheaper. I don't think there's much else different about them.

    I know the PAC steering wheel adapter work with it, but I don't know if the BT controls are supported with this HU or not.

    Reviews on Amazon sound promising, but I've read that the GPS can stop working after a few weeks if you don't update your maps (that sounds insane to me and more like a way to try and force you to eventually buy map updates than anything else since only 1 year is included and too bad if you're on a trip and can't update. Really, if it's true then it's a dealbreaker, IMO).

    Edit: Further searching has revealed the GPS satellite tracking issue is more likely to be a firmware bug. Supposedly a reset button on the NAVI unit restores it to working order (updating maps just happens to do it also since removing the map module and reinstalling it also resets it).
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    It seems these units don't support DTS, so there goes any hopes of playing my DTS Audio CDs with it. Kenwood models do support DTS Audio CDs, but they are a lot more money to get the same features (from iPod cables to BT units on some of them and usually about $200 more to begin with to boot). And near as I can tell, Kenwood units don't come with any map updates so if your map is out of date, too bad. You'll have to pony up $80+ to get an update and that adds even MORE to the price. (Sony comes with 1 year of updates, at least).

    I'd really like to listen to Alan Parsons' On Air and the DTS rip of Dark Side Of The Moon in total surround, but for close to $400 more? Ack. Maybe I could convert those tracks to Dolby Digital or something....

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    I've never been a huge fan of Sony head units. Just never sounded right to me. Pretty much stuck with Pioneer/Alpine/Eclipse.

    I wouldn't go with Eclipse again since they were bought by Fuji years ago.

    Pioneer normally has a better feature array. Alpine slightly better sound.

    On your own on sony's =(.
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