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    Car Audio

    I went to best buy, and they told me that they are very limited on what speakers they carry that will fit in my 05 wrx, because the oem speakers are very thin, and if I replace them, the windows won't roll all the way down..

    I am a big music lover, and want a nice FULL sound with bass and treble and all that, like some bose or infinity or something. I can't find a place with a wide selection for my car, and I don't know if i need an amp with them or anything either..

    Any suggestions as to where to get some speakers or complete systems for my make and model car at a decent price?

    Even ebay doesn't have anything...


    ps.. I have the premium audio system also, and I still think it sucks.

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    Look for a local audio shop rather than a big chain like BB.

    A good place to "window shop": Car Audio: Subwoofers, Car Stereos, Amps, Receivers, CD Players
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    There's tons of options, the people at places like best buy are just clueless.

    What exactly are you looking for? And how much do you want to spend? Upgrades can come in the range of $40 to several thousand.

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    If you are concerned about speaker depth, I know Infiniti makes some shallow mount decent speakers. They are owned by Harmon I think (same with JBL). Nice speakers, just kinda strange. Have odd impedances and mounting options. Nice sound though.

    You should be able to fit most speakers in there though. Read around a bit.
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    also they make spcers for the speaker that will solve the problem and still be abel to have the door card fully secured, but if you want best sound dont get individual spacers, that will leave open area and lotta distoration you will need a enclosed spacer

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    You need some spacers, similar to these:

    I made them for Sentra and Legacy doors (back when I had them) and have been known to make them for other members, if requested. They will allow you to run most of the common speakers on the market.

    PM me if interested.

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