So I was reading around on CarPCs yesterday, and I was trying to find out how to integrate them into a high end audio set up. My initial thoughts were that computer sound cards are generally terrible for my wants, and I needed to find a way to get the raw signal from the carPC to a separate head unit/sound processor.

As I was reading, I found some really interesting information. No need for the head unit really if you are up for trusting technology a bit. It is not new technology actually. If anything it is border line outdated, but CHEAP.

If anybody is familiar with high end sound (studios etc), you might have heard of ASIO. The issue being that most sound cards do not support it, and they do not have the outputs you would want for high end audio. A group of dedicated people with very little to do on their time made up a set of custom drivers for Creative Labs sound cards. Using these drivers lets you basically virtually "re-wire" the cards however you want. Want 5 generic outputs instead of FL/FR/RL/RR/Mic? Done. You can basically use a flow chart, and apply digital filters to each individual channel (ex, Crossover, Time Delay, Phase Modulation). This gives you the perk of converting from digital to analog and vice versa several times, and much more control over your system sound quality.

Several of these cards can be interfaced at a time, allowing you to add however many custom "channels" as you want, assuming you have the computing power.

I would definitely be interested in pursuing this in a carPC in the future. Does anybody have any experience with this at all? I have many ideas I would like to pull into a CarPC, and this is one of the more important ones to me.