alright so i just bought an 03 wrx with 95000km. i love it! its completely stock for now.
so it came with a remote starter/alarm
the alarm and remote door locks work great but when i hit the car start button the exterior lights flash 10 times and thats it.
car in neutral, hand brake on, doors closed locked etc...
theres a toggle switch and a tiny red button switch under the dash and i've tried pressing/switching them and no difference. what do they do?

worst part is i dont know the brand or anything the box under the dash for the alarm/starter says nothing but "for manual transmission only" and theres a long number that is not readable i think it says sc1800103.
the remote has no tag on it either.
it looks identical to the stock remote but it has a wood grain finish and a third button for the remote start.

any ideas?
thanks and i look forward to using this forum lots