I bought a 2002 WRX wagon in 2007 that has an aftermarket waist spoiler on it. I think it adds a nice little touch, but I would never put it on there myself.

The issue is that sometimes when I close the hatch or, more likely, when someone else closes it, the force of it coming down loosens the screws. It came to a point where the entire left side came off, and this is even after I tightened it. I am really annoyed, because in many ways I would just prefer to take the thing off completely and plug up the holes- the installiation is just SOO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.

I have to hold the washer with pliers and then screw the bolt into the frame, except the idiot who put it on originally did not drill the holes perdendicular to where the heads need to be mounted. I tried to open up the wholes with a 1/2 inch bit, but it usually takes 15 minutes to refind the holes when the bolts come out, and this latest time I had to remove the weatherproofing I put in there.

Can anyone relate? I am going to put loctite on these bolts this time, in hopes that it will help.

Any suggestions?